"I just absolutely love the joys of moving," said no one . . .ever. The problem is that packing up lighting fixtures, furniture rugs, statues, artwork, and all of the other components that combine to turn a house into a comfortable reflection of your personality is a challenge worthy of Hercules. If you feel daunted in the face of the task, you should consider entrusting your worldly possessions to expert movers (such as Canadian Van Lines). The right company will take over every step of the move with the kind of ingenuity, dexterity, and care that the average homeowner simply won't have. 

Door-to-Door Service

Some moving companies will help you to load a moving truck but require you to take down your furniture and load boxes. A true white-glove service will disassemble furniture and load boxes so that you don't have to be involved in your move at all. While you might be able to handle the physical demands of moving on your own, the benefit of handing it off to movers is that they move every day and will have skill that only comes with constantly practicing their craft. Moreover, full-service movers will set up furniture and unload boxes at your new home, so you don't have to worry about finding people to help when you get there. 

Expertise with Artwork

While artwork can really dress up a home, most art is not designed to be portable. Thus, when it comes time to move to a new home, you face the challenge of trying to make art fit in a truck with your other belongings without damaging the artwork. What is the best method for protecting an original painting? How do you pack a delicate statue in such a way that it will be safe even if your moving truck goes over a few potholes? These are tough questions, but expert movers will know exactly what to do. 

Moving Lighting Fixtures

While you might be fine with leaving some lighting fixtures behind, some fixtures are irreplaceable. For example, if you have a custom-made hanging lamp, a repurposed industrial light, or an antique chandelier, you may want to take your fixture with you. Full-service movers should be willing to take down your fixture, package it for transport, and set it up in your new home. 

As you can see, when you hire a white-glove moving service, you get a company that can handle every component of a move. Rather than stressing about how to pack and transport all of your most prized possessions, rather than worry about the Herculean physical demands of a move, and rather than worry about driving a big box truck, you can simply hand off the responsibility for your move to someone who really knows what they are doing.