There are so many things that go into a successful, organized, low-stress move. Starting your moving process well in advance of the big day can help you get through the move without missing the smallest detail and stressing over what you haven't gotten done yet.

So, what can you do during the weeks leading up to the big move?

6 Weeks Prior

This is the perfect time to begin looking for a moving company to use for the big move. Waiting until last minute to hire a mover could leave you without a moving company being available during the day you plan to move. Planning this far in advance will increase the number of options and lots of time to research the rates and reviews for each company.

5 Weeks Prior

Now is the time to order new checks with your new address on them. Checks can take several weeks to have printed and shipped to you. Planning this far ahead will give you plenty of time to receive them at your current address.

If you have children in school, this would be a good time to contact the old school and request a transfer of their records to the new school. This may require a signature, so plan on making a trip to the school to finalize the process.

4 Weeks Prior

Start thinking about the utilities for your new home. Compare the local cable, internet and telephone companies and sign up for the service which offers you the deal you are comfortable with. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get new service installed, so planning ahead will help to ensure that everything is up and running when your family moves in.

Note: This is also a great time to schedule a disconnect service with your current utility companies.

3 Weeks Prior

Go to your local post office and fill the change of address forms. Provide them with the date in which you need your mail to be delivered to the new address and you won't have to worry about any last-minute runs to the post office.

2 Weeks Prior

Notify your creditors of your address change. Inform them of the date of the move so that they can pre-date the change to your address. This way, you only have to call and confirm the change after you have moved.

Planning one or two things to take care of during the 6 weeks leading up to the move will make those final weeks much less stressful and better organized. Hopefully, the tips above will give you a great head start in a successful, organized and low-stress move. Don't forget to call movers like Right Move Moving & Storage movers first.