If you're one of the people who thinks that you can't squeeze a storage unit into your budget, you may want to reconsider.  Not only do storage facilities regularly run amazing deals that could save you quite a bit of money, there are a number of discounts that are available on a continual basis that you may simply be unaware of.  Use this information to learn more about two discounts that could go a long way toward making storage unit rental more affordable.

Piggy-Back Off Of A Friend

One method you can use to save money is to get a referral from a friend who already leases a storage unit.  Storage businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their exposure, and word-of-mouth, combined with a substantial discount, is a great way to do it.

When you get a referral from a friend, not only will some facilities offer you a discount, they will also extend a comparable discount to the person who referred you.

If you aren't sure which one of your friends has a storage unit, there are a few clues that you want to look for:

  • Are any of your friends newly divorced?  There may be assets that they needed to store as they downsized.
  • Are one or more of your friends new to the area?  They could require a holding place for their goods while they get settled.
  • Do your friends love the holidays?  If so, they may keep their holiday collectibles and decorations in a storage unit during the off-season.

Once you've determined which of your friends rents a storage unit, simply ask them to refer you and promise to mention their name on the leasing contract that you sign so that they will also get the discount.

Auto Or Advance Pay Discounts

Another technique you can use to get a better rate when renting a storage unit is to either allow the company to automatically take payment from your banking account via auto pay or elect to pay for your entire leasing contract in advance. 

Storage companies often offer discounts for people who use one of these payment methods because they are more likely to receive payment for their storage services than if you were to pay on a month-to-month basis.

It's important to ask a storage facility worker about these discounts because sometimes they are available even if they aren't displayed. The next time you need storage, take advantage of the savings by obtaining one or more of these discounts. 

To learn more, contact a local moving and storage company such as Precisely Right Moving.