If you are planning on moving in with your significant other, you might be giving up your apartment. If duplicate housewares won't be coming with you, this doesn't mean that you have to get rid of your things right away. Here are four reasons why you should keep your furnishings in storage as a good contingency plan.

1. It's Hard to Say Goodbye

If combining your space with your significant other has left you with one too many living room couches, kitchen sets, or dining room items, yours might not have a made the cut. If you love your things, you don't need to part right with them away. Storage can give you a little time to get used to the change and keep around things that you just might not be ready to get rid of.

2. Keep to Sell When You Have More Time

If you are moving in with your significant other, this can be a whirlwind. This might involve moving to a new city, coming off of a wedding, or another life changing event. With all of the activity around moving, it might be hard to decide right away what to do with your old furnishings, especially if these are high end items. Don't initially get rid of your things in a rush. Store these items until you can find the time to sell.

3. It's Good to Have Back Ups

No one needs two microwaves in their kitchen or two TVs in their living room. The second something goes on the fritz though, it is nice to have one as backup. If you have your household items in storage that didn't make it to the new house, these can be pulled out and used as back up.

4. In Case Things Change

There is always that chance that things won't work out. If you have given up your apartment, you might want to at least store some of your old household items that aren't making the move with you. On the outside chance that a relationship doesn't work, you will have the comfort of your old housewares to fall back on.

A lot can change when you move in with someone. If you aren't quite ready to part with your belongings that won't fit in your new place together, you don't need to. Initially renting storage unit in your local area for household items that you have a past with is a good compromise. The hope is that once you are ready to say goodbye to your old household items it won't be such a blow.