It's not uncommon for married couples to file for divorce due to irreconcilable differences, with 4 in 10 first marriages in Canada ending in divorce. Sometimes, a marriage might not work out for the best. Before the divorce is settled, you and your spouse may have come to the conclusion that it's best for one of you to move out. If you plan on moving out, here's what you need to know about hiring professional movers.

Come to an Agreement on Inventory on Moving Costs

Hiring professional movers can be extremely efficient and can save you a lot of headaches and stress in difficult times. If you're not willing to pay for the movers out of your own pocket, make sure you specify how much you will be paying and how much your ex-spouse will be paying in the order of service.

The order of service should state when payments should be made and by which party. Make sure both you and your spouse sign the order of service to finalize any agreements made.

Take Inventory of Everything You Took and Everything You Left Behind

Before you move everything out of the house, take pictures of everything you have packed. To further support your claims, get the professional movers to create an inventory checklist. This will specify what was packed and moved and the condition of everything when it was moved.

This is to protect you should your spouse claim in court you took something of theirs and claim that it was in a better condition than when you took it. Also, you can use the pictures you took to easily prove you left the house in a relatively good condition.

Don't Be So Quick to Throw Away Marital Keepsakes

Even though the marriage hasn't worked out, don't be so quick to throw away marital keepsakes. If it's difficult to pack and move these items at the moment, you can request the professional movers to do it for you. You can decide what you want to do with these keepsakes once the divorce is over and all of the emotions have settled. You might end up looking back and appreciating the memories from the marriage.


When packing everything to go, use corrugated cardboard boxes for security and make sure to label everything. Try to negotiate the distribution of assets and sentimental items with your spouse rather than letting your emotions get the best of you; otherwise, you'll end up having to take disputes to court, and you'll likely spend a lot more money than necessary. For more information about working with a moving company, contact a company like ABS Last Minute Movers.