If you're getting ready to move homes but you're on a budget, you might be tempted to think about handling the move yourself instead of hiring professional help. However, failing to hire a moving crew can leave you with sore muscles and even make the move take longer than it would otherwise. An effective way to keep your move-related spending under control and still keep the day as smooth as possible is to hire a moving crew and look to cut costs in other areas. Here are some ways you can spend less in other areas of your move so that you can afford to hire a moving crew.

Throw Out What You Don't Need To Keep

Think about it this way — when you book a moving crew, you'll typically either hire it for a full day or a half day. The cost difference between these two periods can be substantial, which means that if you're able to get the move done in lesser time, you'll save a considerable amount of money. An effective way to reduce the moving time is to get rid of things that you don't need to keep. Nearly every home has some surplus items — and why pay to have the crew move these items, only for you to throw them out during the unpacking process? Making the tough decisions on unwanted items ahead of time can help you book the moving crew for less time and save money.

Cut Corners On Supplies

While it can be attractive to buy new moving supplies for your big day, you'll save money by cutting corners in this regard. Instead of buying boxes, for example, visit local grocery stores and ask for shipping boxes, or find a friend who has recently moved and offer to take the used boxes of his or her hands. In lieu of packing materials such as bubble wrap, save copies of the local newspaper for several weeks leading up to the move, as these sheets can be used to securely wrap your items.

Trade For Help From Friends

You might be able to book the moving crew for less time or hire less actual movers if you have significant help from your friends. This can save you money, although you shouldn't take the free assistance for granted. Stipulate that you'll only accept help from your friends if they'll allow you to help them on a future moving day or another major project.

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